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39 E Broadway

Long Beach, NY

Modern 1 bedroom with balcony and laundry in the building well priced for a prime area. With the boardwalk right outside your door enjoy the beach any time you like. Close to the LIRR Spacious, clean ... read more

AgentThis listing was posted by an agent, not the manager or owner of the property. Use the filters box above if you wish to hide these types of listings. Heat included Water included Washer & Dryer

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1 bedrooms
1 Unit

This unit is available


(347) 450-1543

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47 W Walnut St

Long Beach, NY

Current photos of apartment are available by email. Just send me a request and I will send you a link immediately. Apartment with private access located in a two family home in a residential section o... read more

Water included

Updated on 10/26/2014

2 bedrooms
1 Unit

This unit is available October 31, 2014

$1,850 - $1,900

(646) 791-6406

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